Caving in New Zealand

As with caving in any place, there is a certain danger involved when you go for it in New Zealand as well. If you’re looking at a scale of 1 to 10, where one is walking on a busy street and ten is jumping off a bridge, then caving comes somewhere right in the middle. If you want to understand the various risks and dangers involved then you need to understand how many different types there are.

The lowest impact form is walking through tour caves with well-developed paths and sufficient lighting. There will not be any low places or ceilings to bang your head. This is the safest type of caving there is. Then there are things like cave diving or going through underwater caves. This is pretty dangerous. When it comes to scuba diving deaths, one in 6000 registered drivers in the US die every single year. Scuba diving isn’t much safer when compared to skydiving as far as danger is concerned. But, we’re only interested in caving here. There are around 4 caving related fatalities every year in New Zealand. That’s a minimum amount wouldn’t you say? But then again, not too many people go for it, do they?

So, exploring caves or wild caving is not one of the most dangerous adventures sports in the world. The odds improve greatly with proper training and skills. The dangers increase significantly if you involve vertical ropes to get into a cave or if you take low passages which are prone to flooding. Training and going out with experienced cavers is very important when you take up this sport. When you combine it with scuba diving, the danger levels rise significantly. So, if you are thinking of taking up this adventure sport, start slowly. Don’t try going straight to the difficult stuff.

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