Looking For Your Next Caving Adventure?

There are a number of caves in Auckland which you could consider if you’re looking for some adventure. Most caves in New Zealand are formed from limestone or something related to the metamorphic variety of marble. Apart from this, there are a few lava caves too which were formed in volcanic rocks around Auckland too.

New Zealand has a ton of underground adventures on offer for people with all kinds of caving interests, and caves of different levels with beautiful limestones to deep caving scattered through the country. For experienced cavers, the caves in New Zealand are right up there with some of the best in the world. Let’s take a look at a couple of them:

Lost World

These are among the most popular caves on the North Island which offers an easy caving experience with some glow-worms and limestone formations. The descent into these caves takes around 15 minutes and is truly an awesome experience. Once you’re down, you can have lunch before going upstream, swimming, walking, or climbing through vaults the size of cathedrals. See fossil oysters, waterfalls, and even whalebones. You will emerge a few hours later and make your way back to Waitomo. There is a network of difficult caves too which are meant for confident and more experienced cavers.

Haggas Honking Holes

This is the most concentrated action adventure you could get at the Waitomo Caves. You could do a series of rock climbs, abseils, cruising, and crawling through this beautiful cave. You get tons of action while not taking up too much of your time. Within 4 hours you could be in and out.

One last thing, you’re not going to have too much fun if you go caving alone. So consider group caving instead of going at it on your own. It will be much more fun that way too won’t it.

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