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by reading stories from others who have blazed the trail before you. is dedicated to providing you with stories, articles, and information about the adventures that can be had in the wild of New Zealand. This is where you will learn the skills you need, the equipment, and the how-to that can guide you to experience your true absolute adventure.

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Absolute Adventure?

Our ancestors have been doing this all their lives, fishing, climbing mountains, running, jumping, and taking successful risks. Let’s get primal with our instincts and let go for once.

Absolute Adventure

Safety Policy

Though we believe in letting yourself be free and finding your inner absolute freedom and adventure mentality, it should never come at the expense of you risking your health, injuries, or getting yourself in other hazardous situations. This is why you will find plenty of information inside these pages that will hopefully keep you safe out there. 

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Adventure in New Zealand

Every country has its own terrain and environment, so of course, every experience is going to be different based on the climate, etc. When it comes to New Zealand, the options vary wildly. You can have a true absolute adventure experience here because there is just so much to see and do that is unique to this little corner of the world.

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Trekking: Get that thrill and excitement from trekking with our guidance. There are stories within these pages that will certainly add to your knowledge base even if you are an experienced tramper.

Rock-climbing: Want to feel accomplished and on top of the world? Try rock climbing which is one of our favorites when it comes to a true absolute adventure.

Mountain biking: One of the best adventurous sports you can try is biking on a mountain, New Zealand is known for its rugged mountains with interesting and exciting terrains.

Kayaking: There are so many places to go-to when it comes to kayaking, our favorite is going adventure fishing while kayaking.

Deep diving: The underwater world is nothing short of marvelous and it’s even better in New Zealand. We will share our tips on this topic exclusively on

Adventure Fishing: Absolute adventure is always exciting with some adventure fishing. We will share our experience as well as tricks to use when it comes to catching the rarest species that you can find in New Zealand.

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If you have the adventurer spirit, then check our website often for the lasted articles or stick around for more updates and regular content on your favorite topic. We will be sharing news, tips, tricks, product reviews, and how to become the best absolute adventurer you can be.


We believe that absolute adventure is something we as New Zealanders were born to do.
It’s a rewarding experience that leaves you with a lot of memories. Not to mention, you can learn many incredible things such as kayaking, mountain climbing, and deep sea diving.
We can help with all of these areas with our expertise.