As with most sporting events, there are certain rules that you need to follow in order to keep the event running smoothly, to avoid a costly fine, or even to go to jail. One of the most important rules is, of course, that of obeying the laws of the land. This article will deal with the rules of the air guns season.

Number one, be very sure that the air gun is unloaded before you engage in any shooting activity. This is not only for your own safety but for the safety of other shooters as well. It is also a matter of respect for the environment as well as a fundamental rule of gun safety.

Second, it is a must to clean the air gun before you start shooting. Although this is not as essential as the above-mentioned rule, many states have laws that require this. It is not safe nor professional to shoot an air gun that is dirty. In this regard it’s worth mentioning that the cleaning process can be done while the air gun is running. In fact, this is the most common technique used by people all over the industry.

Third, it’s a must to be 100% sure that the target is the one you intend to shoot. It is a good idea to ask the range officer what the expected score is in case the target is different from the intended one. Also, it is a must to take a picture of the target before you shoot it. The pictures can be saved and shown at the hearing.

Fourth, the rule about using the same target for shooting multiple targets is a good idea. However, make sure that you don’t change the position of the targets. This is a fundamental rule that you have to follow regardless of shooting multiple targets by air rifles. It helps avoiding any misunderstanding that might lead to litigation and to a fine. In fact this is the only way on earth to avoid this problem.

Fifth, it is a must to avoid having the air gun in your mouth. It is better to use a harness so that you release the spring-loaded firing mechanism. Even though it is a great idea to prevent your mouth from getting bloodshot and the air gun from getting damaged, it is a bad idea if you are going to shoot lots of target. So it is better to use a harness. Also the air gun can get damaged if you are going to use it for shooting the mouth. The mouth of the air gun can get stuck in the mechanism if you use it for mouth-breathing.

Now you are clear to buy or build the best air rifle to avoid having troubles shooting targets!